Rioteers CC v. White Hunter CC, 2 June 2019

Finalmente! Lo so.

Ragazzi, è stata una grande battaglia e alla fine ne siamo usciti vincitori. 

Richard Brazier ha vinto la battaglia delle lemon drizzle contro la formidable torta degli avversari.  Non bisogna mai sottovalutare il peso di anni e anni e anni di esperienza.

È stato il nostro primo incontro con White Hunters e in luce della nostra grande prestazione, ci hanno invitato per una rivincita l’anno prossimo – la tipologia di torta è ancora da stabilire.

La partita chiedi?

[Click here for a translation of the above – Ed.]

Just call batmen and robins.

Sudip returned and he reminded us how much which we have missed this asset.  Clearly time at the nets also paid off handsomely and he was able to post a quick 45 runs with fours to give away.

Other impressive performances with the bat included, Campbell, Bert and Sam, each posting 50+ runs not out before admirably giving way to others.  In total we posted 287 runs before the lemon drizzle battle ensued.  Thanks to both teams for such fine a contribution to the break.

Our bowling attack and fielding efforts were not be overshadowed by our batting and we showed exceptional skills.  A big thank you to the young Alfie who was a last minute substitute for James Hillier who was still nursing a groin injury.  His catch at the boundary added to the wickets total and James, please take good care of your groin and don’t hurry back prematurely and rest over the winter season.  James junior also made a cameo appearance efficiently running down balls saving valuable runs.  Harry again showed pace with 2 more wickets contributing to what has shaped into an excellent campaign.

As sometimes the lemon drizzles, we didn’t quite take all the wickets and settled for a draw.

Brief side notes:

  • Someone please help Richard with google translate to go along with his English dictionary to translate Damian’s fine reports.
  • A classic ground, not to miss next time round with a lovely thatched roof pavilion and gracious hosts
  • Bickford, don’t worry mate, bad luck only comes in 3s and you have been punished enough.  This time run out from the ball deflecting off the bowler’s fingertip and removing a bail.

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