Fixtures and results, 2022

All matches are on a Sunday unless otherwise stated. Click on a match manager’s name to contact him by email, and a map link to view directions to the ground.

2022 Opponents Start Match Manager Rioteers’
24th April St Mary Bourne 1pm James Hillier 91 ao 84 ao Declaration game. Won by 7 runs. Match report
1st May Coombe Bissett 1.30pm Campbell        
8th May Appleshaw 1pm   94 ao 124 ao 30 overs. Lost by 31 runs.  
Thu 11th May Hyde End Stragglers – inaugural match, T20 6.00pm Simon Brazier 136-9 139-3 T20. Lost by 3 runs.  
15th May Hambledon 1.30pm Sudip Nandy        
22d May Hursley 2pm Sudip Nandy 218-8 dec 193 ao Declaration game. Won by 25 runs. Match report
29th May Bramshaw 2pm Robert Rinaldo (“Brinaldo”)        
5th June Cadnam 2pm Martin Hillier Match abandoned owing to rain. Match report
12th June   2pm James Hillier        
14th June Vikings – King Edwards School (KES) teachers IX 5.30pm Campbell Williams 168-6 176-4 T20. Lost by 8 runs.  
17-19th June Tour to Alderney   Richard Brazier

T20: 201-5

40 overs: 314-5

T20: 150 ao

40 overs: 261 ao

Won by 51 runs.

Won by 53 runs.

Tour report
26th June Crawley 2pm Simon Brazier 225-6 278-7 dec Declaration game. Drawn. Match report
3rd July Broadhalfpenny Brigands at Bat and Ball 2pm   192-9 dec 194-4 Lost by 6 wkts.  
10th July Racqueteers 2pm Cledders 216-5 dec 128-5 Declaration game. Drawn. Match report
17th July Newport Inn – map 2.30pm Richard Brazier 210-9 163 ao Won. Match report
24th July Candovers (Brown Candover) 1.30pm Simon Brazier    

Cancelled  Rioteers could not raise a team

7th August Medstead – map 2pm Campbell

262-5 dec


14th August East Meon – map 2pm Archie Hillier

186 ao

? Lost  
21st August Longparish – map 2pm James Hillier


186-8 dec

Won by 6 wkts  
28th August Chute – map 1.30pm  

222-9 dec

145 ao

Won by 74 runs

4th September Hyde End Stragglers – map 1.30pm Martin Hillier

202 ao

243-8 dec

Lost by 41 runs  
11th September Wield – map 1.30pm Martin Hillier

193-6 dec

196-8 Draw  
18th September St Cross – map 1.00pm Richard Brazier


204-7 dec

Won by 7 wkts

25th September Newport Inn- map 1.00pm Simon Brazier

223-7 dec

176 ao

Won by 47 runs


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