Rioteers v. Cadnam, 5th June, 2022

What a tea ! Cadnam – Always a good one but this was something else, topped with a two tear Platinum Jubilee Cake.

… A fine eleven gathered on the final day of the 4 day Jubilee celebrations…

The skipper lost the toss and Cadnam decided to have a bat…

From the forecast, we all knew what the day had in store.

Bertie opened up from the far end up the hill, bowling with good pace and movement but the openers matched his assault with caution.

Alfie Smith opened from the pavilion end and bowled some great balls and some he didn’t think much of !

Sam Morgan at mid-wicket was put back on the boundary to cover the odd loose one and Alfie got his man on the third one.

Sam taking a very well judged catch in the deep.

When Alfie had found his rhythm he started to cause a few problems and took a couple of good wickets, LBW and Bowled.

Bertie was replaced by the skipper who added his guile and Alfie was replaced by debutant Richard Mayon-White, who carried on where Alfie left off but without the luck with a chance going down at slip – They’re never easy Charlie ????.

The fielding was keen and father and son Mark and George Nall kept the cover region well patrolled. James had another fine game at keeper donning the new helmet and standing up to keep the batsmen back in their crease.

Cadnam continued to keep the score ticking along with a solid partnership of a hundred or more with both batters reaching 50s.

Martin H came on to get through some overs and wasn’t too expensive and picked up one of the two Half centurians.

Mark had an over and Sam and Greg a couple of overs each before the rain came down.

We had had a glimpse of the tea preparations an were happy to go off, knowing, hoping we wouldn’t be required to go back out.

The rain grew harder and the match was declared a draw Rain stopped play – so we feasted  !

Next stop King Eds Wednesday week, before the Alderney Tour

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