New Dogs, Old Tricks – Rioteers (109/6) beat Medstead (103 all out)

And so to Medstead, on a scorcher of an afternoon.  The previous day’s Test themes of exciting young pacemen; challenging left-armers; unplayable rippers; misbehaving pitches and the quiet guys playing bold, match-winning innings fuelled much of the pre-match chatter and provided a convenient (lazy- Ed) template for a close, intriguing game. Cap’n Bix won the toss […]

Rioteers CC v Hambledon CC, 6 May 2018

It’s exam time for many, and we found the following mock paper based on events of the weekend. MULTI-CHOICE – (5 marks per question) 1 Rank in ascending order; A the range in temperature from 6° to 26° B the difference in layers worn in successive Sundays’ cricket matches C the difference between chances given […]

Rioteers CC v Cadnam CC, June 11th, 2017

On Sunday, the world’s number 1 ranked team (South Africa) played arguably the world’s most accomplished all round side (India) at the same time as the Rioteers swaggered down to Cadnam.   Thousands of fans brought noise, colour and exuberance to one match, whereas the other had a legendary bread and butter pudding. In both matches, […]

Rioteers CC v Cheriton CC, June 4 2017

Cheriton (73 all out) v Rioteers, (159/9) June 4.  Rioteers win by 86 runs The Rioteers bandwagon breezed into Cheriton on Sunday with Cap’n Bix at the helm for the second weekend running.  But even with Marty as assiduous scorer (and muttering about a trip to Warrens to get the full suite of coloured pens […]