Rioteers v. Racqueteers, 2nd June, 2024

You know you are in trouble when …

  • You pull Braz out of retirement to bat and he is the only one not out
  • When the chili and cheese festival is more exciting than the Rioteers batting
  • When Rinaldo scores the most runs
  • There are more Rioteers’ ducks than ducks in the Itchen
  • You score 76 runs
  • You are all out so quickly that the chocolate eclairs have to be rushed out of the oven to have for the tea

All was not lost as …

  • You make 76 runs and still play hard in the field
  • The newbie Jago (thanks Harry) took a wicket, made a catch and was solid in the field
  • Alfie kept his cool the whole match without incident
  • You go the King Alfred with the Racqueteers when the game is all said and done – thanks Racqueteers!

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