Rioteers v. Coombe Bissett, 15 May

There was a moment against Coombe Bisset when it all came together.. after numerous phone calls, weather checks, and wet shoes, we were twenty from the target, with plenty of overs left, enough rabbits still in the hutch,  two third-generation Rioteers at the crease batting nicely and then for the first time this year the sun came out.

There was calm, the birds stopped singing, and all we heard as the runs piled up was the metronomic crack of leather upon Willow.

And then just like you’ve done, we lost focus. Harry was out, Greg missed a straight one that didn’t bounce, Hillier nurdled, Williams didn’t, and Hall with 6 runs to go, missed a straight full toss, and it was all over.

Still, we did get to go to the pub .

It had all started so well, Harry had come up trumps, and brought someone who could actually bowl, left arm and quick, welcome to Barny, and with Harry we actually had a bowling attack that was potent.

With Greg now one year taller and Hall one year older, the first change bowling also kept it on the straight and narrow and picked up some wickets in the light drizzle, and eventually before a very hearty tea, we had them all out, as easy as 123.

The bread pudding sampled, returned too, and enjoyed, we reflected on the first tea of the season, with a batting line up with oozed class.

Brazier scratched the names of Hillier (J) and Perera (P) in the score book, and our first runs of the season were on the board.  The proverbial opening pair (see Matthew 7:24-27) eventually gave way to more, and then quickly more again, before it settled with Harry and Greg calmly accumulating, and the sun came out and it was all going well.

Before 4 quick wickets and Hillier was left out in the sunshine 6 runs too short and without any more partners.

We might have lost, but we were dry, and ready for refreshment.

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