AC11 … White line of duty (Rioteers v. Coombe Bisset, 2 May, 2021)

A Cricketing 11
In line with others I waited for the thrilling denouement on Sunday evening, when it came down to the very final scene. 
Who is h. Would he come good eventually? Would there be a massive shoot out at the end. Would h be hall, hillier or hill. What was the role of dc trickett, arriving late in the final episode? 
In the end press reports suggest an anticlimactic end, but very enjoyable to have been part of. 
Many unanswered questions suggest another episode next week. 
For those wanting more details, we can suggest reading the mail on line, where the werkends plot twists abound, but … 
Could h be hambledon? 
Tune in next week to find out …

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