Winner of the 2020 award for sartorial elegance

There are two nominees for this prestigious award this year, both on account of their attire at the game against Crawley in Winchester on 20 September.

First nominee. Dessie sported a hat that suggested he’d lost a bet with the Flowerpot Men, notwithstanding which, and especially when combined with his pads as he waited, like a coiled spring but sadly in the end un-needed to go to the middle and seize victory for the Rioteers, he achieved a sartorial elegance that transcended mere fashion.

Second nominee. Marty, realising how special the occasion was, raised the sartorial bar. In these times in which we turn up in our whites owing to the lack of changing facilities, he sauntered toward his teammates, as if along a Milanese catwalk, deserving but not receiving his own theme tune, in his new Dolce e Gabana whites and linen shirt.

And the winner is … Marty. His prize is that he be awarded the theme tune that his sartorial elegance richly deserves.

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